Case Studies

"The IT department found that little training was required when they rolled out Zoom to their end users." Read More

"Zoom Rooms have saved us about $1.5 million and usage of the same rooms went up by 400%."
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"With Zoom, we were able to have teachers around the world interact in real time with our classroom."
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"We needed a solution that was simple-to-use, yet provided us with the enterprise-level quality and features." Read More

"It's been about 99.5% hands off. People pretty much get their invitation, set it up themselves and they're off and running." Read More

"With Zoom and Kubi, we're putting students in control of their own learning." Read More

"We had a competitive [video] product in there before, and it was very one-way. One of the reasons we picked Zoom was the availability of the Zoom APIs. You can integrate Zoom with pretty much anything these days without loads of additional engineering." Watch the Video

"We see Zoom as giving us the opportunity to expand, and keep offering the quality of technology and quality of experience we need to teach effectively."Read More

"We believe video provides access to state parks. ... We just couldn't do what we do without partnerships like Zoom."Read More

"We use Zoom to solve problems and to extend the knowledge base and resources we have here at NCCU to other places. It has become a natural part of what we do." Read More

"Because Zoom is so easy, it actually takes the burden off the instructors, and they’re able spend more time providing feedback to students and a richer educational experience." Watch the Video

"Our financial office uses Zoom, our registrar’s office uses Zoom, our reception areas use Zoom ... everyone really seems to love the application." Read More

"Zoom provides us with a flexible set of tools to allow our organization to continue teaching, learning, researching and working together no matter where they are." Read More

"Now, [teachers] can just pick up their Neat Pad and start class with one click." Read More

"We tested Google Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, and a few others [using a limited internet connection], but Zoom had the best performance by far." Read More

"With Zoom, I have always felt a connection to my students. The interface is easy to use, even for people who aren’t digital natives." Read More

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"Zoom has become an invisible partner that allows us to accomplish our mission of empowering students and learners to their highest potential.” Watch the vide" Watch the Video

Some of the awesome customers
that love Zoom
"Zoom is the most helpful and readily adopted educational technology product I have seen in a while."
Drexel University
"Our partnership with Zoom has provided Stanford Continuing Studies the ability to engage and collaborate with our students virtually and make our online classes feel more dynamic. Zoom has surpassed my expectations; not only is it remarkably easy to use, it has put us at the cutting edge of education."
Stanford Continuing Studies
"Rather than trying to describe the things we do with words or pictures, our use of Zoom lets us actually express what we're speaking about and present our materials as we would if we were standing in the same room."
Texas A&M